Hey Fishy Fishy… Part 1

What better Sunday activity there can be, than fishing? Hmm… Going out and taking some photos? Yeah!
But what if You combine these two?
Well, then You can at least catch some photos, when You have no luck with the fish… 😛

Here is the first part of my Sunday 🙂

Kas on paremat pühapäeva mööda saatmise tegevust, kui kalal käik? Kui siis… Enda kokku korjamine kohvitassi tagant ja pildistama minek. Kui aga ühendada need kaks tegevust? Noh, siis on vähemalt võimalik püüda mõned pildid, kui kala-pala konksu otsa jääda ei taha 😛

Esimene osa minu pühapäevast on nüüd siis siin 🙂

And here is my new companion for every day. It was quite a while ago, I ordered myself this bottle and I eventually got it few weeks ago. It’s a water bottle*, designed by an Estonian blogger Anna Elisabeth and when She first introduced Her design for Equa, I thought ‘why not, I have been keeping my eye on those bottles for a long time now and here’s a chance to get one and support someone’s dream all in one’.
Although the metallic cover of the cap came off a week ago, I actually don’t mind. There’s nothing a little amount of glue can’t fix. Just have to find my glue 😀
Also, I added some of my own rubber bandings to it 😉 It already had pink, yellow and blue on it and as I don’t wear rubber bandings, but liked the two I own, I decided to put them on display 🙂
Eniwei, I love this bottle, love the design and the easiness in it, love the story behind this design and love love love, that I have a water bottle made of glass 😉 (Have my thing with plastic.. Don’t like it 😛 )

* Not just a water bottle – it can also be used for hot drinks 😉 I’m just using it for water most of the time, yesterday was the first time, I had some juice in there instead 😉