What did You do last summer?

Here’s another throwback post for You with some bits and pieces from last summer.
Let the tour begin!
I still remember the taste of this amazing cake my mother made for her birthday.
It’s safe to say, that it was another sleepless night for me. But a nice one 🙂
Another macro-move. There’s always something to take photo’s of in my mom’s carden.
It was a beautiful afternoon – sun was shining, rain was falling and thunder was on it’s way…

A tradition oh so delicious – making our own apple juice. The taste of fresh pressed apple juice… Mmm..
Oh sweet Bulgaria… Still in my mind 🙂
It was the second most beautiful and hunting moment from this trip, we took with our dancegroup. Standing on these rocks, fighting the fear of hights and just.. Enjoying the moment..
As I’ve said before, I have thing with bugs…
At one point I was playing around with my camera programs. I didn’t realize the results before I looked the pictures on my computer. The chosen effect here was, that the camera only picked up three colours to capture and made everything else black and white.
And as I watch this photo now, I think this was actually taken in early spring.. 🙂
Oh colden end of summer…
At one point, there were children falling out of sky…
This photo was taken in the end of one crazy day… The peace and quiet that finally arrived..

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