Where am I?

Still here, but taking some recovery time. 😉
It’s just that.. After all that PhotoChallenge madness (that is actually starting again soon 😉 More on that later), I’ve been busy with work. 
I have taken some photos in these past view weeks, but they’re mostly pictures of me in my underwear. Say whaaaaaaat? Yeah, every Sunday I strip down and take pictures of myself – only because I’m doing this P90X workout program and I wanna keep track of the result. So nothing naughty going on in here 😉
Well, in fact, this is one of the positive things, that came out of this PhotoChallenge (and don’t get me wrong, there were so many other things too) – after one Challenge, where we had to portray our mornings (and I took a photo of my dumbbells), I started to workout regularly 🙂 Jeiii me! 🙂
But on what’s coming.. I still want to introduce You gus to my “wall of fame” that I have going on in my appartment and I also have some crazy crazy ideas for one or two photoshoots in near future, so we’ll see 🙂
To be honest, when I started, I really wanted to post atleast once a week, but at the moment, this arrangement doesn’t work for me. I’m still here, so… I hope You are too 🙂 
And here some photos, I took yesterday in the photography class that I’m teaching at the moment 🙂

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